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Problem: the media have outed oatly for being unethical.
solution: no matter what oatly do, you still love them for their outstanding taste
Insight: although, this hasn't left a sour taste in peoples mouths.
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We will set up pop-up rooms in the busiest streets/areas in London, these rooms will be named Candy Kittens time out rooms and will be a place for adults to come in and take a time-out from adulthood.


Kids get put on a time out when things get too much and adults need that too. These rooms will have a cozy and relaxing 

atmosphere and of course lots of Candy Kittens to enjoy. Adults can step away from their obligations and stress for a while to recharge and relax.


Time out for the people who needs it the most - ADULTS.

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Ambient advertising

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SHort films for social

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