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Kinder Surprise Eggs are illegal in the U.S since 1997,

because you're not allowed to have something inedible in food.

Since 2021, it's illegal for women in Texas to have an

abortion if more than six weeks have passed

CORRELATION: Small surprises can sometimes be devastating.


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To start off the campaign and create buzz we will release a newspaper statement to inform the public that we are taking action and encourage people to engage as well.

The egg that will be given out is a political statement, we have therefor redesigned the packaging of the egg and the "surprise" itself. 


Next step is to spread the word internationally by taking it to social media. To start, we are relaunching the Kinder US twitter account by spreading the hashtag #YouCantControllOurEggs to show unity and support for women.

greg abbott.png

Greg Abbott

Texas Governor 

Signed off on the Texas Heartbeat Law


Bryan Hughes

Texas Senator 

Introduced the Texas Heartbeat Bill.

shelby slawson.jpeg

Shelby Slawson

Texas Attorney

Introduced a companion bill that allows private citizens to sue abortion providers after a fetal heartbeat has been detected.

To further encourage people to use the hashtag we will send out one Kinder Egg per hashtag to important politicians that were keyholders in the approval of the Texas Abortion Law.

Let the Egg Hunt begin.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 16.45.11.png

As a last call to action we will launch

"The Kinder egg" organization.  

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