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PROBLEM: BIC Razors don't stand out in the market

INSIGHT: Whilst other brands are using stereotypical colours like
for women and blue for men, BIC have always used orange.

SOLUTION: BIC, the gender neutral razor

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.13.35.png
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.29.24.png
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.40.54.png

Print adverts where our Bic razor shaves of the sentence to reveal their new message about their razors being gender neutral 

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 14.26.01.png

To further engage people we will have instagram polls where people can vote if the razors they see are for men or women. In the end, our message is that BIC razors are gender neutral and are the same no matter what you identify yourself as.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 13.18.04.png

In store activation

We will have the orange shaved line act like a orange carpet inside stores directing people to BICs new gender neutral aisle

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 12.27.39.png

In store activation

BIC will  also display their razors in between the female and male hygiene section, to show that our razors are for everyone.

This will create conversations on social media and bring in lots of attention towards BIC as a gender neutral brand. 

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 11.23.02.png

We'll attract our target audience further by releasing mini youtube series starring Harry Styles, a person that many young people look up to and see as an inspiration when it comes to gender fluidity. This series will have Harry Styles style the guests hair whilst they deep dive into everything hair and gender identity by , to create interesting conversations and to encourage people to be more open and learn more about others and their own identity.

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