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We are two brexit dodging Swedes coming from the land of DIY furniture assembling and pagan summer solstice sacrifices,

to break through in the Ad-land of England aka London, in which we currently work in as Creatives.


Me (Victoria) is a former cheerleader, gone shark diver, gone lingerie manager and now ended up as a creative

(which is kind of a mix of everything..ish)


And me (Sofia) is a former sushi roller, gone skii shredder, gone amature football pro and now ended up in ad-land

(still playing football and yes, I am an Arsenal fan..duh)


We have a deep-rooted friendship that has grown and blossomed into a beautiful partnership where we strive to make the

best work and have the best time doing what we do. 


And lastly, to quote the kings and queens of Sweden if you would like to ‘take a chance’ on us why don’t you give us a call

and 'ring ring’ and we can be your ‘super troopers’. 

Thank you and we're sorry ABBA.

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